May 28, 2016 – Enterocolitis due to Clostridium Difficile

The lab results came back.  I have “enterocolitis due to clostridium difficile”. Of course, that is the layman’s term.  The proper medical terminology is “Shi**ing my brains out”. Apparently clostridium difficile is a nasty bacteria and very contagious.  It can survive on surfaces for months.  The nurse said I could have picked it up anywhere, “even at Walmart”. The doctor prescribed Metronidazole, which I have been taking for about 24 hours now, and I am starting to feel much better.  The terrible pain has subsided and I have gone several hours now without an emergency trip to the toilet. Truly, this was just like pre-colonoscopy prep, just lasting for a couple weeks.  On the bright side, Andy and Spence seem to have escaped contamination. And, I’ve lost about five pounds.  However, I’d recommend another weight-loss plan. Any other weight-loss plan.

The Memorial Day holiday is in full swing.  It seems that all the ten park campgrounds are full.  Big Creek was overrun with day visitors and hikers.  Andy and Spence were directing people to park in the horse camp day lot, which was also full in the early afternoon. Then they parked illegally on the roadsides, in front of the no-parking signs, and even blocked the gate to us and the group site. Of course, I did not wander more than a few feet from the motorhome door.  That gave me a minute to make it to the bathroom. Every day, mid-to-late afternoon, I get cold.  I mean shivering cold.  I don’t warm up until I get under the covers in the bed with my park fleece on.  It take about an hour to warm up.  I guess that has something to do with the fever.

The park radio is buzzing with traffic stops, injuries, and accidents. The worst that I recall today was that a motorcycle ran into the back of a car and the female passenger went through the back window of the car. She left in an ambulance. It is non-stop, one call after the other. I think there are three dispatchers on duty on holiday weekends.

All during May, park people have been reporting bear sightings.  There must have been a bumper crop born last winter. There may be a dozen or two reports a day of bears along the road, in campgrounds and picnic areas, and historic sites. We have seen many more turkeys wandering through Big Creek this year too.  We have not seen them, but campers have reported two elk sightings.