Frank Wilmer

Somehow, the pictures on the camera had not been downloaded since January 4.  I’m really out of my rhythm.  I downloaded them this morning and decided to make a blog full tonight.  But I got sad news from my friend Jane earlier today and my mood has changed.  Her husband Frank died suddenly on Friday morning.

Here is one to look at while thinking about Frank. This morning’s sunrise.

b Sunrise Marathon Florida

We have known Frank and Jane for some years now and are good friends.  I won’t say closest, oldest, or dearest friends because we don’t see them very often,  but really enjoy their company when we do.

Frank was such a comfortable guy to be around. A large man, he was mild-mannered and soft spoken, and always had something interesting to say. He never ceased to surprise me with some story about his life, an adventure or event that made me envious.

The children and Frank’s sister came to town.  Jane said that their neighbors are all being very supportive.  We’ll pay a visit when the hub-bub has ended. There is nothing for me to do for her. It makes me feel helpless.

After getting the news, Andy and I went about our business, eating lunch, running errands.  We were a bit subdued, not talking much, but carrying on the conversation about Frank in bits and pieces throughout the day. We have lost a friend.