July 15, 2018 – Harrington Beach State Park

For those of us who haven’t done this in many years, here is the modern way to cut children’s hair.  Jennifer set her phone (or maybe it was a tablet) on the bathroom sink and stood Cam on a stool. Owen stood on the toilet so he could watch too. Cam was so entranced with whatever they were watching that he barely moved a hair (haha) while Jennifer buzzed away his golden locks.

It was time to do something fun and we decided to go to the beach. The boys played Pokemon on the way.  Cam used Jennifer’s phone.

Owen used my phone.  It took me most of the way to the beach to download the app and get registered and set up so he didn’t get in much play before Jennifer and I confiscated our phones.  There was no cell signal at the beach.

There were plenty of people on the beach since it was a weekend.  We got a nice shady spot.  Actually, it was too shady with a cool breeze blowing off Lake Michigan.  We periodically walked into the sun to warm up.

The lake was a bit foggy so we could not see the horizon.

There are several other beaches near enough to Jennifer’s house, but the one in Harrington Beach State Park does not require a walk down a bluff.

This is the walkway between the parking lot and the beach.

There were some lovely flowers along the path.

Tiger Lilies

Owen and Cam spent the whole time building sand castles. Well, first Cam built a sand wall from the beach blanket to the water.

Then they spent the rest of the time building sand castles at the water’s edge.


Jennifer sat on the blanket.

They were busy boys.

We did not take any beach toys with us so their construction method was to dig handfuls of sand from the water and dribble it onto a pile.  Inspired by Gaudi, I suppose.

They were so close to the water’s edge that boat wakes damaged their castles. They ended up building three.

It was my job to run a bath for the boys when we got home.  I think they were waiting to make sure the water was not too hot before they got in.