September 18, 2015 – Bryce Canyon

It is a 98-mile trip and very slow traffic driving through Zion, but it was worth the drive. Again, there is not much I can add to the pictures. I can’t even remember where I took them, much less, in what order.

b Balanced Rock

b Bryce Canyon

b Chris in Stump

b HooDoos 1

b HooDoos2

b Large Arch

b Orange Rock

b Overlook

b Red Rock 2

b Red Rock 3

b Red Rock

b Rocks 1

b Rocks 2

b Rocks 3

b Rocks 4

b Rocks 5

b Rocks 6

b Rocks 7

b Rocks with View
b Window Arch

Christopher pulled off the road in Orderville so he could pose with the car hop.

b Chris and Car Hop

It was early evening when we drove back through Zion to get back home and the Big Horned Sheep were out in droves.  We saw dozens of them along the roadside. My last camera battery died at that point, so these are Christopher’s pictures.

b Big Horn Sheep Herd

b Big Horn Sheep Pair

b Big Horn Sheep