August 29, 2016 – Mequon, Wisconsin to LeRoy, Illinois

On the road again.  Heading back to Tennessee.

We got the dolly and car hooked up yesterday evening.  George has plenty of experience with towing trailers and such and helped us get it right.  George and Jennifer’s vehicles were parked in front of Sao in the driveway so they could leave for work before we took off. We took showers and I washed dishes in the house before we got the motorhome secured for the road.  Every time we stay in one place very long, “stuff” ends up piled everywhere.  I am determined to get rid of the excess – one of these days.

We got underway at 0951 and headed west of Milwaukee and Chicago to avoid the traffic around those cities.  We had smooth sailing (er, driving) all the way with light traffic.  I don’t want to drive near Chicago anymore in a motorhome pulling a car. This route was so much less stressful.

I did not eat or drink anything before we got on the road. We made a quick rest stop and did not make any other stops until we reached the Love’s truck stop in LeRoy, Illinois at 1510.  That was 254 miles. Then we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the truck stop Arby’s.

We are parked between a row of trucks for the night.

b32 View Forward
b33 View to Port
View to Port before another truck pulled in
b34 View to Port4
View Starboard
b35 Tanker Truck to Port
Tanker Truck to Starboard

It is kinda cool to be in a truck stop for the night, but we can’t slide out the slides.  We are squeezed in between the clutter and can’t spread out!