Christmas Vacation is Over

We walked the water to watch the sunrise at seven.  The wind was calm and the surface of the water smooth.  There were hundreds of birds out on the flats and flying just above the water.

b01 Sunrise


b02 Gold Water
Gold Water


b03 Birds in Sun Streak
Birds in Sun Streak


Then it was back to work.  I sent the current version of “Big Creek” to Patricia, the editor, yesterday. I spent today updating my Big Creek blog.  I was not able to do it while we were in Big Creek because I didn’t have an internet connection without a cell signal. Actually, I only posted my original logs for 2015.  The other years have only the photos.  That seems adequate to me. See Big Creek.

The activity tracker is great for working.  I get so involved in it that I forget to get up and take a break.  The tracker buzzes my wrist periodically and tells me to move. It is easier to take more, shorter walks during the day than to walk all the miles at once.

During one of those walks today, we spotted a manatee napping at the end of the canal. After a few minutes, the nostrils poked above the surface for a breath. This one was huge.

b04 Manatee in Canal
Manatee in Canal

This hibiscus is at the front of a trailer here in the RV park.

b05 Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus