July 24, 2018 – Don and Linda Visit

The Grandma thing to do is make cookies so Jennifer got out the ingredients and utensils for me. I opted for the recipe on the Toll House chocolate chip bag – my favorite.  Owen was right in there ready to participate.  Jennifer took a few pictures. I love this one of Cam licking his lips while I measured out the chocolate chips.

His job was to carefully pour ingredients into the mixing bowl and he took his job very seriously.

Owen and Cam also helped to clean the mixing bowl and beater while the cookies were baking.

Friends Don and Linda came for a visit.  They live in Florida and spend some time in the summers in Wisconsin.  After everyone had eaten enough chocolate chip cookies to spoil their appetites, we all went to the Out n Out for lunch. George took Don and Linda, and the boys for a ride in Eleanor, the Model A. Jennifer, Andy and I followed in the family van. I got a kick out of watching the old car in front of us and asked Jennifer if she had followed it before. She answered yes, many times when they were expected something to break.

Out n Out has a super-large table where you can sit and meet people.  One end of it was just right for our group. It is one of those places where you order and pick up and a window and carry your own food to the table.

Don and Linda were gearing up for their ride back to their RV park somewhere in Wisconsin while Cam decided to drive the car.

Don is a friend of George’s father.  He and Linda have also become friends with grown-up George. I took this photo of them.

And, here are Don and Linda taking off on their Spider.

July 10, 2018 – A Ride in Eleanor

Son-in-Love George decided this was the day for Andy and I to ride in Eleanor.  We had seen her in the garage when we were here for Christmas but did not get a ride then.

Here she is, a 1930 Ford Model A, pulled out of the garage. We were excited.

The engine.

I’m not sure what this is on the running board.  I’m thinking a boot scraper to keep the mud out.

Andy is trying to be cool.

George fussed over her a bit before we took off.

I climbed into the back seat with Owen.  This gave me a chance to photograph the dash and steering wheel.

The two men in the front gives you some scale.

We drove through some beautiful Wisconsin countryside, now more “suburban”  houses than dairy farms. Then, of course, we had to stop at Out n Out for some custard. This photo is a bit bizarre, but I wanted you to see the back end too.

Lastly, here is a profile.

Yes, George is a motorcycle guy.  He said that he always wanted an old car and, now that he has a family, Eleanor the Model A is something the whole family can ride together.