Good Dam Day

We made an outing in the afternoon to Douglas Dam. I suppose most school children learn about the Tennessee Valley Authority and all the dams they created in the 1930s and 40s. In case you didn’t or don’t remember, check that link to Wikipedia. Andy and I both learned about it and both acknowledge that we remember only a little of  it.

We took back roads through the countryside and crossed the French Broad River to Dandridge, the second-oldest town in Tennessee. Then we more-or-less followed the shore to the dam.  The park-like land around the dam is enormous.

We drove to the upper overlook as the lower one was closed.  It appeared that they were resurfacing the pavement.  The view was beautiful.

View from Upper Observation Deck

I zoomed in a bit on the dam.


I like this picture of Andy looking over at the overlook.


Then we drove down to the river to see the dam up close.

Douglas Dam

This old turbine was near the dam.

Andy (my scale model) standing next to old turbine

This large billboard warns boaters not to get too close to the dam. That small boat had two fishermen in it.  They did not get any closer than that.  They would motor up to that point and then drift back downstream – quickly.


There were a few men fishing from shore.  The man in the foreground was standing on the rocks, not on the sidewalk at the very edge of the water.

Fishing Below Douglas Dam

Here is a closer look at the water flowing through the railings and over the sidewalk.


We drove through a beautiful campground with large RV sites right at the water’s edge.  I was driving and didn’t take any pictures. We crossed the river again and explored the TVA property on the other side.  There is another beautiful campground and a large boat ramp over there.

This point of land is normally under water.  The poles have water depth markings on them but, they are all high and dry.

Dry Water Gauges on Douglas Lake

Most of the buoys marking the shoal are also dry.


Farther around the point, we came to a beautiful terraced picnic area in a grove of trees. There were five or ten picnic tables, each with its own little plaza surrounded by a stone wall.  The landscaping was beautiful. We found a bench facing the lake and sat to admire the view for a while.


I was washing my hands in the ladies room when I noticed my halo in the dirty mirror.


And, this, ladies and gentlemen, is why one should never wear a live camera around the neck while going to the toilet!



August 30 – LeRoy, Illinois to Georgetown, Kentucky (326 miles)

There is not much to report today, just a drive on the interstate highways. I have to say, though, that I enjoyed spending the night at a truck stop.  The trucks leave their engines running all night and I liked the steady hum.  It was a noise canceling thing.  I didn’t hear anything else to keep me awake.

We got underway at 0810, again, without eating any breakfast. We pulled into one rest stop long enough for me to take some medicine.  We stopped for lunch but not for fuel. Kentucky is beautiful and I hope to see more of it than just what I see from I-75 one of these days. We arrived at Whispering Hills RV park at 1507. It is well maintained but still pretty much a gravel parking lot with utilities.  They do have a nice pool.

b Sao in Campsite, Georgetown, Kentucky
Sao in Campsite, Georgetown, Kentucky
b View Forward

View Forward

My Sister Barbara reminded me that I have not posted a picture of the new car so here it is on the Tow Dolly.

b New Car on Tow Dolly

b New Car on Tow Dolly Front

Daughter Kathy sent some pictures she took when she visited.  It is Cam with a chocolate frosting face.

b Cam and Chocolate Frosting

Feb 12 & 13 – Walking Around the RV Park

We have not been too busy the last two days, so I don’t know why I forgot to post yesterday.  So here are two day’s worth of pictures around the RV park.  I really need to get you out a little more often.

We were taking one of our daily walks when Andy made a pit stop.  I sat by the canal to wait and watched a manatee swim by.  I ocurred to me that my manatee pictures usually post don’t have any scale. So here is a 17-ft boat in the background to give an idea how long the manatee is. Adult manatees average about 10-feet long and 800 to 1,200 pounds

b Manatee and Boat
Manatee and Boat

b Pink Flower

The manatee beat us to the end of the canal and joined two others lollygagging behind another boat.

b Three Manatees in Canal

This morning, we were sitting outside in our screen room drinking coffee when I heard a woodpecker.  In previous years, they have been common on the utility pole behind our shed, but we had not seen them yet this year.  I ran out to have a look.  One was on the pole and its mate was in the mangroves.

b Woodpecker

Winter is not over yet so here is today’s weather report, courtesy of our neighbor Bill.

b Weather Report by Bill Latz
Bill Enjoying the Sunshine

At the waterfront, there was a truce between the Snowy Egret and the Tricolored Heron.  They were not a yard apart and were not paying any attention to each other.

b Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret
b Tricolored Heron
Tricolored Heron

A Little Green Heron was standing on the float.

b Little Gree Heron
Little Gree Heron

This Plumbago is growing next to a trailer near the park entrance. It is really bluer (more blue?) than this picture shows.

b Plumbago

Andy pointed out the moon so I took a daytime picture.  It turned out better than my nighttime shots. This was at 3:00 pm.

b The Moon at Three in the Afternoon
The Moon at Three in the Afternoon

I spotted a large iguana on a pier near the canal entrance.  When they are small, they are bright green, but get more brown as they age and grow.

b Iguana on Pier
Iguana on Pier

Here is a close up.

b Iguana Closeup

A walk to the post office and two walks around the RV park got me five miles on the activity tracker today. But a stop on the Publix (grocery store) scale told me that I have gained another pound. It’s diet and exercise. It’s time to add more diet to the program.

September 07, 2015 – Grand Junction, Colorado to Moab, Utah

Monday, September 07, 2015 – Grand Junction, Colorado to Moab, Utah (111 miles)

We had a short trip today.  In the morning, we went to the Safeway and loaded up on groceries for the week. Then we hooked up the car and were on our way at 1035.

We climbed a hill above the flat valley containing Grand Junction and then I saw a sign for an overlook.  We were not in a hurry so I pulled in. There was a long walkway to the top of a knob; this picture is only part of it.

b Overlook

We got to the top and looked out.  There was nothing out there, but it was HUGE. I think we could see for a hundred miles across.

b Vista View Forward b Vista View to Right

We got to OK RV about five miles south of Moab at 1300.  This is the biggest RV site we’ve ever had in an RV park, about three times wider than most.

b Our Campsite

Our view to the west.

b View to West

And to the east.

b View to East

There are a number of vehicles like this in the RV park. They are for rent in town too.

b Four Wheeler

We walked out onto the road at the RV park entrance.

b View Across Road

Then I zoomed in on this mansion nestled in the rocks in the distance.  It is either a mansion or a hotel.

b Big House Among Rock

I zoomed in on the rock formations to the west as we walked back to our site.


b Zoom on Hoo Doos