Shalom Wildlife Zoo in West Bend, WI

Owen’s nursery school class took a trip to Shalom Wildlife Zoo and he loved it so much, he wanted to take Uncle Andy there for his birthday.  Jennifer called her friend Agnes to come along with her son Max. Owen and Cam rode with us while Jennifer rode with Agnes and Max.  The boys tormented, kicked, and hit each other while yelling at the top of their lungs all the way to West Bend. On the way home, the sang and chattered at the top of their lungs all the way home.  We tuned them out both ways.

The private zoo is 100 acres with a three-mile trail.  We rented a golf cart.  We made Cam and Max take turns driving though neither of them wanted to share.

b01 Map

I usually have trouble distinguishing llamas from alpacas.  Thanks to Google, now I know the difference.

b02 Alpaca
Alpaca (pointy ears, llamas have banana ears)

OK, I’ll admit it, this was one of my favorite stops.

b03 Outhouse

The fallow deer were beautiful.  We bought a bucket of corn and fed the hooved animals.

b04 Fallow Deer

b05 Fallow Deer

This place is chipmunk heaven.  They were scampering everywhere gathering the grain children (and adults) scattered on the ground.  This guy was stealing somebody else’s food.

b06 Chipmunk

I thought this was a wallaby, but it did not have a tail.  I think the sign said “illaby”, or something similar but, Google didn’t help me here.  It was the size of a very large rabbit.

b07 Illaby

The three skunks were sound asleep in a hollow log.

b08 Three Skunks in Hollow Log

b09 Sika Deer Fawn
Sika Deer Fawn
b10 Owen and Andy at Golf Cart
Owen and Andy at Golf Cart

Here is another picture for my animal butt collection. The elk were not as large as the ones in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

b11 Elk Butt

They were very tame and came to the fence to be fed.

b12 Feeding Elk Buck

Cam was helping Jennifer feed the doe without getting his hand too close.

b13 Cam Feeding Elk Doe

b14 Sika Deer
Sika Deer
b15 Albino Whitetail Deer
Albino Whitetail Deer
b16 Owen with Elk Antlers
Owen with Elk Antlers
b17 Owen Climbing Pole
Owen Climbing Pole

The zebras were quite small.

b18 Small Zebra

This is Max climbing the gate to the camel pen.

b19 Max

The children had a grand time looking at and feeding the animals.  Cam and Max loved the golf cart the best. We adults enjoyed the outing too.