Big Creek is in Bluff Mountain Outfitters in Hot Springs, North Carolina

This was a decidedly good book sales day. Not many sales but a great time.

A long-time friend of Sue Meyer read Big Creek and then invited me to go visit her in Hot Springs. She also wrote a very nice review on She wanted me to get the book on the shelf in the local outfitter store, Bluff Mountain. We met at the Smoky Mountain Diner for lunch first.

Andy and I got there a bit early so we ordered some sweet tea and sat on the diner’s front porch. What a pleasant spot!  There was a row of ceiling fans keeping us cool.  The very friendly town residents all said hello as they entered the diner. One couple asked why we were visiting the town and I told them I was there to sell my book.  Then I described it.  The man was Ike Lassiter and he is the president of the Friends of the Hot Springs Library.  He asked if I would like to present the book to the friends.  Well, of course, I would. He gave me his contact information and I gave him a copy of Big Creek. He will put me on the schedule for next May or June when we return to Big Creek.

Pretty soon thereafter, Gweneeth arrived with two friends.  She offered to take our picture.  I guess we looked rather content on that porch.

Lunch was great fun and the food was delicious.  Now is the time I must admit that I forgot her friend’s names, as delightful as they were. That is Gweneeth in the blue shirt.  She said she worked with my friend Sue at the University of Michigan for many years.  As we talked, I could hear “Michigan” in her voice.  She reminded me of Sue.

After a long laughter-filled lunch, Gweneeth met us at Bluff Mountain Outfitters where she knew the proprietors. Wayne and Dave bought three books outright for their small book corner. I sure hope they sell well for them.

Bluff Mountain Outfitters – Hot Springs, North Carolina

A trip to Hot Springs would not be complete without a stop in Gentry Hardware. In addition to hardware, they have an awesome collection of stuff every mountain kitchen needs.  I needed most of it too, but there is no place to stow it in the motorhome.

The office manager kept a wary eye on us as we went to the desk to pay for our small purchase of GooGone coffee maker cleaner. I had never heard of it, but our coffee maker could probably stand for two bottles of the stuff. I hope it works.

Gentry Hardware Office Manager