Walk Along Big Creek

We puttered around the motorhome in the morning, getting some chores done. After lunch, we drove up to Big Creek to return a notebook of Big Creek history to Bob Taylor, the current campground host.  He has done a bit of research and has old photographs of the town and logging mill. There were many more houses there than I had thought.

We chatted briefly with Bob and Shirley before taking an overdue walk along Big Creek. We stopped on the bridge to look at the creek.  The water level is low.

Big Creek Downstream

Then we headed down the path.


This is the “secret” swimming hole that is not really a secret but is seldom visited. Today, the water level was so low there was a bit of  a shoreline below the steep bank.


A fisherman was in the creek when I went down to take some pictures.

Fishing in Big Creek

I walked upstream to take a picture as the fisherman walked upstream to catch a fish.


Our RV campsite is not level so the bottom step to get in the motorhome is high off the ground.  Andy found two pieces of wood on our site and laid a board across them to make a step. Then, for several days in a row, he would add another board or two.  I told him he had made me consider spending the big bucks for one of those steps made for that purpose in the camping store. I had to admit that it is functional.

We stopped by the Walmart on our way back from Big Creek and found a cheap plastic step. Andy set it in front of his work of art and tried it. He decided the plastic step so much better than his that he dismantled his wooden one.  I took a picture first.