Tow Dolly Tie Down Straps and Mellow Mushroom

I forgot to take pictures of our new surrounding yesterday. I was focused on getting some laundry done.  So, here is our motorhome Sao in our campsite at Tana-See RV park in Newport, Tennessee. We are very close to Interstate 40 but, already, I don’t notice the sound of traffic any longer.

b Sao in Newport TN
Sao in Newport, Tennessee

This is our view forward.

b View Forward

Our view starboard.

b View Starboard

And this is our view to port.

b View to Port

Our neighbor, Lee, in that bus to port told Andy we should take the tie-down straps off the dolly because they might get stolen.  Then Andy decided to go to the RV store to get a spare set. We needed to leave as soon as possible.  I should have known that he also had other plans.

We drove west on the interstate about 30 miles to Tennessee RV. While there, we also picked up a new water filter and a thing to hold the cell phone while we are on the road. It always gets lost. As soon as we got out of the car, Andy asked, “What are we going to do about lunch?”  I assumed he had spotted the Outback restaurant across the way and wanted to go there. Oh no, he meant he wanted to go to the Mellow Mushroom in Pigeon Forge. How could I have not picked up on that?

We ate our yummy pizza and then bought two Mellow Mushroom drink cups.  With them, we will get 99-cent refills until the end of the year. We’ll make out on that deal, for sure.

b Mellow Mushroom Mugs
Mellow Mushroom Drink Cups – Hippy Dippy

When we got back home, Lee suggested that the pin holding the dolly down flat, i.e., the ramps up off the ground, is another item likely to be stolen.  So Andy sat on the dolly and pulled the pin out for safe storage. The tow dolly is sitting behind the motorhome.

b Andy Sitting on his Dolly
Andy Sitting on his Dolly