The Treehouse

George has been making fairly good progress on the tree house.  He got a bit behind his schedule when Jennifer drove by a McDonald’s that was being demolished. She made a U-turn and asked if she could buy the green spiral sliding board.  She and George had to dismantle it and haul it home in four (or more) trips with the pickup and a trailer. Getting it reassembled was another major project. The treehouse is twelve feet off the ground.

Technically, I suppose, it is not a tree house, but a stump house.

A ship’s ladder up another “stump” leads to a bridge.

It looks pretty high from the bottom.  When done, it will have a ship’s ladder railing, meaning short. It is at a good angle and easy to climb.

Then you come to the bridge.  George has not yet built access to the slide, which was not in his  original plans.  I think he is going to make a short platform with its own support posts out to the top of the slide.

The railing has wire cables to help prevent children from falling off.

There are windows all around the treehouse.  George has put screens in them. The narrow deck goes all the way around the house.

There is also a skylight for looking at the stars at night.

Here is a look from top to bottom.  The center post will be removed when the roof is finished.

George has fitted the skylight with pieces of plexiglass.

The treehouse is not too far from the big house, just at the edge of the woods.