May 11, 2016 – Woodpecker

A bird was making quite the racket outside while I poured coffee.  It only took a moment to spot it on a log next to our host site. It was jumping around working that log for breakfast. I have no idea why it was making so much noise.

b Woodpecker

I spotted this moss on a boulder along the road to the campground.  It reminds me of a globe.  If that rock was a sphere I would almost be able to pick out the continents.

b Moss on Management Boulder
Moss on Management Boulder

We drove to the Bean Trees cafe in Hartford to get a cell signal to send out the log.  I also mailed the mail I forgot yesterday. Andy ate a hamburger and I had a salad to claim a table next to an outlet for the computer. When we got back to Big Creek, Spence was talking with Liz and Craig at our site.  Then Boss Larry surprised us by bringing us some horse and group-site reservation sheets. We talked about our lack of cell signal and someone suggested that we go to Walmart and buy a prepaid minutes phone. Andy liked the idea.

We met Liz and Craig in the campground parking lot.  They are ardent hikers and were getting ready to hit the trail again when I asked them to pose for another picture. We have been so busy that we have not had the opportunity to visit with them more.

b Liz Dickson and Craig Richardson
Liz Dickson and Craig Richardson

This large fern is growing near the group picnic table. All the ferns around here are sending up new fronds.

b Fern with New Frond
Fern with New Frond

I take pictures of this branch multiple times every year.  The tree is in front of the toilet building in the picnic area. The sun hits it just right a good part of the day. I noticed today that many of the leaves have been eaten to the point of lace.

b Leaves in Sun
Leaves in Sun