Is Winter Over?

After a couple weeks of cold days and colder nights, today was beautiful.  We have changed from jeans and windbreakers to short pants and short sleeves. And, I am optimistic that it means winter is over. It’s not unreasonable.  My observation over the seasons we have spent here is that “winter is two weeks in February”.  Sometimes they come in December.  There may be a week or two of chilly days in January.

Desert Rose

It’s not a spring flower; we are lucky to have flowers year round. These are in a large pot here in the RV Park.

We have been watching the weather and the news about the weather up north and it would be easy to gloat about our mild winter.  But, we are not gloating or gleefully reporting our cold snap to folks up north 50 degrees (or more) colder.  We are just grateful that a cold snap here typically means temperatures in the 50s.

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