Camp Chappy and Pelicans

We just returned home to Key RV after spending three nights camped with 12 other motor homes next to the Seven Mile Bridge. Yes, it was a three day party where we did little else but sit, eat, drink, talk and laugh. This is an annual event with our great group of motor home friends.

This year a huge group of pelicans was fishing right off the sea wall in front of us.  They fished there all day.  These are not the best pelican pictures you’ll see, but they are some of the best I’ve been able to get. I hope you like them.







It was foggy day and especially early in the morning when we walked out on the Old Seven Mile Bridge. We could hardly see the new bridge, to the right in this picture. I was looking back to Key Vaca.  We could not see the island at all, but the sun reflecting off the surface of the bridge and into the fog made for an interesting effect.


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