Crane Point Street Fair

Crane Point held a street fair in the garden behind the museum today. We really went there for our normal daily walk, but stopped to see what was going on.

Our neighbor Sue was greeting people at the front door of the museum and putting red stickers on them.  She had just stuck a sticker on this smart aleck man and he jumped and howled as though she had stuck him with a pin.  It startled Sue and she also jumped and squealed.  We were lucky enough to walk up just in time to see it and get a good laugh at her expense


Sue Got a Shock

A man and woman were there with a telescope for looking at the sun.  Whoa! Won’t that blind me? The man explained that he has plenty of filters on the telescope so it would not be too bright.  Wow, I could actually see the small fringe of rays around the edge.  There were not any big solar flares today. Here is Andy taking his turn.

Andy Scoping Out the Sun

They also had a Sunspotter.  The woman had to explain it to me.  With holes and mirrors, an image of the sun appeared on the paper in the center (when the instrument was oriented correctly). The image was so clear; it looked like a photograph.  It would be perfect for watching an eclipse or Venus transiting the sun.

Sunspotter with Sun on Paper

After a quick walk through the art tables, we continued on our walk through the park. Thatch Palms are actually used to thatch roofs.

Thatch Palms Along Bahama Trail

Close-Up of Thatch Palm Leaf

The Golden Orb Weaver is huge. Her venom, similar to a Black Widow is potent but not fatal.  Her silk is exceptionally strong. Check out Wikipedia for a picture of a cape made from Golden Orb Weaver silk.

Golden Orb Weaver

I had pretty good luck getting portraits of some of the birds in the bird hospital through the wire.

Green Heron


Peregrine Falcon

Plumbago in Key RV

And that was the end of our walk.

3 thoughts on “Crane Point Street Fair

  1. JoHanna Massey January 2, 2016 / 3:18 am

    Such a lovely post. The photos of the green heron and palms are my favorites. Thank you for sharing.


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