German Journeyman Carpenters

We ate lunch and took our walk today at Sombrero Beach.  There were three oddly-dressed young men in the large pavilion and I struck up a conversation with one of them after the other two had left.  There are from Germany.  His English was pretty good, enough to tell me that they are traveling for three years and a day.  I thought he meant between school and starting work like a “gap year”. They are in the US for two months, but are not working here. He said the costume is “old”.  I asked if it was traditional, but he didn’t know that word so I asked if it was old. I did understand that they are carpenters.  His name is Johannes.

b Johannes Wandering Journeyman

They were carrying interesting bundles and he posed with his for me.

b Johannes with Bundle

We took several turns around the park and along the beach to get two miles on the pedometer. It was not crowded today.  There were even plenty of parking spaces available. This is my picture of a little girl in a red swimsuit on the beach.

b Little Girl on Beach

This Little Blue Heron and Snowy Egret were foraging at the far end of the beach.

b Little Blue Heron

b Snowy Egret

The other two men were back when we were leaving.  They had walked to Publix for some beer. The one in the center has a terrible sunburn.

b Three German Journeymen Carpenters

I did some Googling when I got home and found a blog where someone else has done the homework.

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