Goodbye Sumac!

Sue and Mac left this morning, heading, eventually, back to Michigan for the summer. It is a bit exciting to think about getting on the road again. They posed with their motorhome, just before taking off.

b Sue and Mac w Motorhome

Here, Andy is saying “Go!” and Sue and Mac are clowning around.

b Sue Mac and Andy

Then Mac pulled out with the motorhome towing the boat.

b Mac Drive RV Towing Boat

Sue followed behind in the pickup truck carrying the motorcycle and some other stuff.

b Sue Drive Truck w Motorcycle

We have really enjoyed them as neighbors for the past two winters, but they are not coming back next winter.  They have decided to try an ocean-front RV park south of Vero Beach. One thing they say about motorhome life is, “If you don’t like your neighbors, you can just drive away”. Well, the obverse is when you love your RV neighbors and they drive away, It is sad.

We worked a bit in the motorhome and then headed to Bahia Honda for our walk. We ate lunch at our usual pavilion. This red-winged black bird watched us.

b Red Winged Black Bird

We started walking on the beach, but didn’t plan for the tide very well.  It was coming up and the wind was blowing it higher.  There were too many bodies on the beach to maneuver around, so we decided to go to the south end of the park and try walking there. The beach was not as crowded down near the old Bahia Honda Bridge.

b Beach Near Bahia Honda Bridge

I realized that we had never walked on the beach there and when we got to the end, I had a new perspective of the old bridge.

b Bahia Honda Bridge


I don’t know what atmospheric conditions coincided to create the colors today, but the ocean was spectacular. A little stripe on the horizon was brilliant blue. It was hard to get a picture of it though.  We had noticed it driving across the Seven-Mile Bridge, but I couldn’t stop up there to take a picture.

b Color of the Ocean

One thought on “Goodbye Sumac!

  1. cas olverson April 17, 2015 / 11:44 pm

    redwing black bird wanted a bit of your lunch. i watch for the selfsame brilliant horizon stripes when we are on Florida Bay, some other wide water places. sometimes, it appears as vivid purples or greens.


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