First Week in Wisconsin

 August 10, 2015  Mequon, Wisconsin

It is hard to believe that we have now been in Wisconsin a week and I have not written a single log.  By the time we are finished with the grandsons in the evening, I am too exhausted to think straight or to focus on the keyboard.  Tonight I am making some extra effort.

Owen and Cam were so excited when we backed Sao into the driveway.  I was greatly amused at Andy getting all the help with the tow hitch. Both boys were trying to do it all.

b Helping with the Tow Hitch

At one-and-a-half, Cam wants to spend time in the driver’s seat every day. Most of the time, he wants me to sit in the seat and he sits on my lap.  He grabs my hand and pulls me to the driver’s seat while pointing with his other hand.  Then he says, “shit”.  I obediently sit and he climbs up on my lap and starts driving.

b Cam Driving Sao

Owen, on the other hand, does not seem as obsessed with driving.  Though, one day he was behind the wheel and Cam climbed up behind him, screaming “OUT!”  Owen did what any big brother would do; he pushed back from the steering wheel and tried to squash Cam behind him.  It didn’t work too well, Cam was determined.  Then they were both screaming.

b Battle for the Steering Wheel

b Cam Driving Sao

b Owen in Sao

Owen also likes to sit on the dash to wave goodbye when Papa leaves for work in the morning.

b Boy on Dashboard

They also zip around the yard on the pedal-less bikes. I took this picture before they got their required helmets on.

b Boys on Bikes

We were drawing on the driveway with big fat chalk and Andy drew a picture of a man.  Jennifer and I were amazed that it was a self-portrait although Andy said he did not intend it to be. Owen added the body, arms, and legs.

b Andy in Chalk

I have discovered a cure for insomnia.  Have two little boys wake you up every morning between 0600 and  0700.  Daughter Jennifer says Cam starts asking for me as soon as he wakes up. I have even fallen asleep two afternoons this week.

Andy gave the boys the bear backpacks he bought in the Smokies. They were very pleased with them.  Owen collected some paper, markers, and a book to put in his.  Cam just carried his around empty.
b Owen and Cam w Bear Backpacks

George and Jennifer live in an ideal location, just a few miles from Costco. But, she told us that we are not allowed to go there to buy any Costco quantities of food. I could not pass up the cutest fireman costume for Owen.  He loves to dress up and you can see from his expression that he was very proud to be a fireman. This suit will fit him for a couple years.

b Owen the Fireman

I had seen a recipe on the internet for “Unpopable Bubbles” and was excited to try them with the boys.  We used my hospital basin dishpan and Jennifer made up the recipe with dish soap and corn syrup.  We made just a few giant bubbles that didn’t last any longer than regular bubbles.  Then Cam decided to sit in the dish pan and tipped it over.  He was a sticky, soapy mess and so was the sidewalk. Jennifer had to wash him down with the garden hose. I hosed down the sidewalk while Jennifer was inside changing Cam.

b Cam in the Bubble Suds

Cam wants to drive everything.  Here he is checking the gauges in the Focus.

b Cam Driving Focus

The boys had swim lessons on Saturday morning.  Their classes were side-by-side at the same time and I was running back and forth taking pictures of them.

b Cam in Swim Class

Owen was a bit uncomfortable on his back, but he did cooperate.

b Owen in Swim Class

We went to the Renaissance Fair in the afternoon. Owen got a dragon painted on his face.  He sat so still that the woman returned half the price to George.

b Owen Face Paint

And, we are calling him Sir Owen now since he was knighted by the queen.

b Owen Being Knighted

George and Jennifer wanted to assemble the new bunk beds for the boys so we took them to the beach to get them out of the house.  Lion’s Den Gorge is very close to home and on Lake Michigan.  There is a mile walk from the parking lot to the gorge (a big ravine with bridges, stairs, and paths leading down to the beach from a high bluff). I didn’t take too many pictures of the boys on the trail because I didn’t want to let go of Cam’s hand for long. Owen held onto him for a picture on a bridge.

b Owen and Cam on Bridge Lions Den

Here they have reached the beach and I was just behind them, still in the woods.

b Cam and Owen on Beach

It didn’t take Cam long to get his butt wet on the shore.  Then he sat in the sand. I took this picture just before he climbed over the log and fell face first into the sand on the far side. I poured the water from his drink up over his face to get most of the sand off.  That didn’t get it out of his nose though.

b Cam with Sandy Butt

2 thoughts on “First Week in Wisconsin

  1. Eileen August 11, 2015 / 3:53 am

    What fun it is to be with grandkids! Aren’t we lucky! Enjoy your time with them.


    • Dinata Misovec August 11, 2015 / 4:01 am

      Oh my gosh; I am enjoying myself to exhaustion and loving every minute of it.


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