September 17, 2015 – Grand Canyon North Rim

It was a Grand day.  We had not planned to go to the Grand Canyon since we had been to the south rim a few years ago.  Son Christopher had never been and wanted to see it, so we went today and I am so glad we did.  The north rim is beautiful even before looking into the canyon itself.  The drive there was also beautiful.

There really isn’t much to add to the pictures, except that it is bigger than it looks in these pictures folks. 

As soon as we were parked, Christopher and Andy ate the road food we had packed.

b Christopher Andy Eating Tailgate

b North Rim Sign Christopher

Our first stop, after the restrooms was Bright Angel overlook.

b Chrisopher on Trail to Bright Angel Overlook

This bridge was breathtaking.

b Bridge to Bright Angel Overlook

I loved this spot along the trail. It was cold up there (8,000 some feet). I was glad Christopher had a space down jacket in his truck. I have a serious case of hat hair.

b Andy Dinata on Bench

This is the wedding spot. The bride and groom stand at the edge of the cliff.  If they get cold feet, they can just jump off.
b Wedding View

The wedding guests sit on these benches.

b Wedding Seating

b Purple Flowers

b Grand Canyon 6

Observation point in front of lodge.

b Overlook at Lodge

Lodge on north rim

b Lodge from Overlook

Observaton room in lodge.

b Observation Room

Lodge dining room. The food was good.

b Dining Room

b Grand Canyon 5

b Dinata Christopher Overlook

b Grand Canyon 4

b Christopher on Angels Window

b Grand Canyon 3

b Feather Flowers

b Grand Canyon 2

b Grand Canyon 1

Angels Window

b Angels Window

Walking out on top of Angels Window.

b Andy Walking on Angels Window

Angels Window from another overlook.

b Edge of Angels Window

Andy fell asleep in the back seat between overlooks.  It was after lunch.
b Andy Asleep in Back Seat

b Ampitheatre

Driving back to Virgin, we could see the steps of the Grand Staircase.

b Grand Staircase

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