September 28, 2015 – El Paso to Sonoran Caverns, Texas

There was an RV Repair place right in the park, so Andy went over to ask them to look at the “Low Air Alarm”, or rather fix whatever is making it alarm regularly.  He also wanted some new wipers.  When we were ready for the road, I pulled Sao alongside the building. Andy was inside for a long while and then came out to say that the man did not have any wiper blades so we left at 0858.

I spotted an “International Memorial Wall” on the south side of the interstate, but have not been able to look it up.

We entered the Central Time zone at 1043 Mountain Time.

Andy found a Walmart (in the Next Exit book) in Fort Stockton and planned to stop for a few groceries. I spotted K-Bob’s Steakhouse on the left with a lot of pickup trucks parked out front and we decided to stop there for lunch after shopping.  It was tasty and the lunch menu was inexpensive.  Andy went to sleep soon after we were back on I-10.

East of Fort Stockton, the mesas and ridges were loaded with hundreds (and hundreds) of windmills. We also began to see a lot of oil wells.

I don’t know about the rest of Texas, but I-10 has an inordinate number of police patrolling it.  And, they are busy pulling people over left and right. I would think, under those circumstances, people would be satisfied driving at 80 miles per hour.

Another thing I see on I-10 is a lot of unofficial dirt roads heading on and off the interstate.  Some are adhoc roads crossing over the shoulder when a side road ends.  Others are paths across the interstate shoulders and median that connect to a road on either side. Many clearly lead to ranch gates and oil rigs.

We reached the Sonoran Caverns RV Park at 1712 MT.  It is about seven or ten miles off the interstate. The road could easily have gone around a large hill, but went steeply up one side and steeply down the other.

Sao is alone in one section of the RV park.  There is one other RV in another section.  And, we saw some tent campers in yet another.  This place is unbelievably quiet.

b10 Sao in Sonoran Caverns

The place is crawling with deer.  We saw dozens of them when we drove in.

b1 Mama and Baby

This could be the reason there are so many.  When I got near, about a thousand doves took off.  I didn’t get close enough to see, but suspect that is corn in the barrel.

b7 Deer Eating Feed

Here is something else I have never seen before.  Well, I have seen ant hills.  See the path through the grass?

b2 Ant Hill

These did not have a hill, just holes in the hard ground.

b3 Ant Hill Closeup

Here is a closer look at the path.

b4 Ant Path

They don’t show up very well, the the path was. literally, crawling with ants.  Like a busy highway.  I wonder how many years and ant feet it took to make a path so well trodden.

b5 Ant Path Closeup

The ant path continued off the RV park and into the tall grass on the other side of the fence.

More deer.

b8 Baby and Mama Deer

b9 Young Buck

These thistles were brilliant in the early evening sun.

b11 Thistle

They look like tiny fuzzy pineapples.

b12 Thistle Closeup

The hillside is covered with Prickly Pear Cactus.  These are the redest cactus pears I have ever seen.

b13 Prickly Pear Cactus

b14 Prickly Pears

b15 Prickly Pears 2

One thought on “September 28, 2015 – El Paso to Sonoran Caverns, Texas

  1. Jennifer September 30, 2015 / 1:43 am

    The first time I saw an ant trail like that was on our honeymoon in British Columbia. Amazing!


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