August 13, 2018 – More Eureka Houses

Cordelia, Andy and I took a ride into town for a walk along the waterfront and then lunch with Christopher. This plant on the front steps looked as though it had aluminum foil dropped in the center.  I stuck my finger in to pick it out and discovered that it was water.

Two deer were in the neighbor’s yard as we drove by.

There is a nice waterfront pathway. It was a gray day so the pictures are not great.

We only saw one boat moving.

There is a large marina with pleasure and work boats.

There are also several pieces of sculpture/art.

Cordelia pointed out this building as one of her favorites.  The second floor has two rooms to let.

On the way home, Cordelia drove me past a number of houses that I missed yesterday. If I have repeated any, just enjoy then a second time. I don’t think I need to comment on each and every one.

This is a large one on a corner.


So I got a picture of the side too.

This beauty is different from all the others in town in that it sits on a large property. It is surrounded by an iron fence and I could see gardens and a pond.  There were many trees.

If you are keen on moving to Eureka and fixing up there are many to choose from.