November 24, 2015 – Ocean Park

I spent most of the morning working on personal business rather than THE BOOK.  We met Ruth Olsen at the tax office to transfer the title of my Sunfish sailboat to the yacht club educational association.  Banana Split will now be used to teach children to sail.

b Ruth and Andy at Tax Office

I spent and hour or two reading and signing the contract to get the book published.  That is self-published.  I did not think it worthwhile to attempt to go the traditional publishing route. I did work on THE BOOK for a couple hours, but still did not get anything accomplished. Then, I spent several more hours extending the RV extended warranty.

We found a new place to take a walk today and I can’t believe we had not checked it out before now.  Ocean Park is behind city hall.

There is a very nice, if short, nature trail with many plants and trees identified.  I was fascinated with the red water in the solution hole.

b Red Water in Solution Hole

A solution hole is an indentation in the limestone that is naturally lined with vegetable matter and does not drain the water out the bottom. We saw bright red water like this in the botanical garden in Key West last year.  I don’t recall which plants cause it though.

The picnic table pavilions are right on the water’s edge.

b Picnic Tables on Ocean

This is where we are going to eat our lunch tomorrow.

b Picnic Table on Ocean

Four or five large birds were wading on the flats and eating their lunch.  I zoomed in to get a Great Blue Heron and a Great White Egret in the same picture.

b Great Blue Heron and Great White Egret

After watching the birds for a while, we walked along a canal to find the kayak launch. It is a great floating dock very close to the water’s surface with railings to hang onto while climbing in and out of the boat.

b Kayak Pier

There is even a board in the water at the end of the slip to hold the kayak steady in the process.

b Out of Canal

There are also a couple of picnic tables overlooking the canal.

b Picnic Table on Canal

While I was standing on the pier, a white bird flew close by me.  I thought it was one of the great whites and zoomed the camera to the end of the canal for a picture.  It turned out to be an ibis joining the others on mangrove roots.

b Ibis on Magrove Roots 2

They were so cute that I took another picture when one more landed.

b Ibis on Mangrove Roots

There is also one piece of sculpture in the park. A fisherman with a trap and a bucket of lobsters. He is not life-size but maybe three or four feet tall.

b Lobsterman Statue

We’ll have to wait and see if there is anything else for me to take pictures of tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “November 24, 2015 – Ocean Park

  1. milliethom November 30, 2015 / 2:52 pm

    Lovely photos, Dinata. That was a very generous gesture with your sailboat (if I understand things correctly). I’m sure lots of children will benefit by that.
    I’m fascinated by that red water. I’ve never seen water that red before. I’ve seen a few streams coloured dark red by iron oxide, but that pond is so vivid. Ocean Park looks very beautiful, both the views and the wonderful wading birds.
    Congratulations on signing to have your book published, too. I assume that’s with a private publisher and not Amazon or Barnes and Noble? I’ll be really interested to know how it all goes.
    And lastly…I noticed on Amazon today that you had reviewed my book! I am so grateful, and the review was wonderful. The Anglo-Saxon names are difficult for a lot of people, but most of them were actual historical names, so I couldn’t change them. I did use modern names for towns, though, or things would have become really confusing. Many thanks again. Hopefully I can read and review your book before too long.

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  2. Dinata Misovec December 2, 2015 / 8:49 am

    Yes, that bright red water is shocking.

    I decided that my book is not going to be of interest to the big publishers in my life time and the best way would be to use a self-publishing company. I read an article about hybrid publishers and sent my journal to one the article said was out in front. They did not think my book has enough sales potential for them, but forwarded it to Hugo House. It is a small outfit, but they have the same business model.

    I think my blog posts for the next few months will be about my book.


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