May 18, 2016 – More Rain in Big Creek

We have spent the past several days trying to buy a hotspot.  The local AT&T store did not have one in stock last Saturday.  They said they would have one sent from Knoxville, TN and it would be in on Monday. It wasn’t.  It was not in on Tuesday either so we drove to Asheville, NC and bought a hot spot and five Gb of prepaid data ($50) at an AT&T store there. The day before we had driven to Knoxville, TN to buy a surge protector for the motorhome. Apparently, power surges can fry the inverter. I think we have driven to Newport, TN everyday for an endless stream of errands. I am so sick of driving and running errands.

We got the new hot spot set up last night and got on line for the first time in two weeks. Daughter Jennifer posted a real estate video of our house in Lusby, MD on FaceBook. That looked fun.  Our old house has changed a lot since we moved onto the boat in 2001.

The morning was beautiful, but it began to cloud up by noon.  Spence joined us for left-over chili and we ate lunch outside. Spence went back to work. We had a good rain and he stopped by, wet, before he left for the day.

We were at our computers in the early evening when both of us were bumped off line. I called AT&T technical support and discovered that we had used ALL FIVE GIGABYTES of our pre-paid data in less that twenty-four hours!!  That was $50!  How could that be? So, our on-line lives are going to be limited to the bare essentials. No videos for sure. I’ll have to see how much data this email uses and delete some photos, if necessary.

Here is a man fishing upstream of the bridge in Big Creek.

b Fisherman in Big Creek
Fisherman in Big Creek

Spence swept his way out of the ladies room as we walked by the toilet building in the picnic area.

b Spence Sweeping Sidewalk
Spence Sweeping Sidewalk

This is the horse trail from the host site to the horse camp.

b Trail to Horse Camp
Trail to Horse Camp

I took this misty photo as we were walking up to the picnic area parking lot, on our way to the tent campground.

b Walking to Parking Lot
Walking to Parking Lot from Host Site

I have not been very successful getting a picture of raindrops on leaves.  They show up but they don’t sparkle.

b Water Droplets on Top of Leaves
Water Droplets on Top of Leaves

This leaf was on the path next to the ones on the bush above.  The droplets are on the underside of the leaf. I thought is was interesting how the droplets are different on top and bottom. I guess the leaf ribs catch the water.

b Water Droplets on Back of Leaf
Water Droplets on Back of Leaf

Another Sweet Shrub or Sweet Betsy

b Sweet Shrub
Sweet Shrub


4 thoughts on “May 18, 2016 – More Rain in Big Creek

  1. willowdot21 June 23, 2016 / 2:24 am

    Oh!the data does run away with you!! Beautiful photos. x


  2. milliethom July 17, 2016 / 6:10 am

    Your summer is beginning to sound very much like a typical British one, Dinata. Lol. I bet everything smells really wonderful, though, after the rain. Still, I don’t suppose that compensates for all the other problems the rain can cause. I hope you had more luck with your internet use after this.


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