May 26, 2016 – Under the Weather – That’s a Euphemism!

I have been somewhat under the weather this week and have hardly left the motorhome, except to sit out in the sun once in a while. All the camphost duties have fallen on Andy. He brought me a poplar one blossom day.

b Poplar Blossom
Poplar Blossom

I did make the campground rounds at least once.  Here are is the campsite of the Michigan couple that was here last year.  They have different friends with them, but the party is still four adults and eight small children. We so enjoyed all the little kids running around the campground last year and here I am stuck in the RV and not in the campground to enjoy them this year. I’m also missing the group of men who come every year for the week before Memorial Day.  They are also some of my favorites.

b Michigan Families Eight Kids
Two Michigan Families – Eight Kids

I was helping Andy set up the screen room over the picnic table when Spence came along and took my place.  I sat back down in a sunny spot.

b Andy and Spence Setting Up Screen Room
Andy and Spence Setting Up Screen Room

I saw a huge bus, think Greyhound size, up in the parking lot.  Andy went to investigate. It was a high school senior class from Ohio on their senior trip. Andy directed the driver to the horse camp day-use parking lot and brought her back home to sit with us while the kids hiked up the Big Creek Trail. Cruz and I discussed driving in here.  Sao is only 37 feet long; her bus is 45 feet. I think I would have told the kids to hike from the entrance rather than try to cross the one-lane bridge. When it was time to leave, Andy rode on the bus and I drove ahead with the car to stop incoming traffic and then call them when the road was clear.

b Cruz the Bus Driver
Cruz the Bus Driver

While we were sitting and chatting, Ranger Ethan drove up with Shannon, seen several times in last year’s logs.  She was a grad student at the University of Tennessee and would chaperone white water rafting trips from school.  She also worked in the park.  She is now finished school and will be moving to Charleston in a few weeks to start her job at Fort Sumter. It will be different kayaking there. She said she walked twenty miles with Ethan yesterday.

b Ethan and Shannon
Ethan and Shannon


6 thoughts on “May 26, 2016 – Under the Weather – That’s a Euphemism!

  1. willowdot21 June 23, 2016 / 2:09 am

    Lovely and interesting post, Sorry to hear that you are unwell . I do hope that you improve very soon. 😉 xxxx


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