August 30 – LeRoy, Illinois to Georgetown, Kentucky (326 miles)

There is not much to report today, just a drive on the interstate highways. I have to say, though, that I enjoyed spending the night at a truck stop.  The trucks leave their engines running all night and I liked the steady hum.  It was a noise canceling thing.  I didn’t hear anything else to keep me awake.

We got underway at 0810, again, without eating any breakfast. We pulled into one rest stop long enough for me to take some medicine.  We stopped for lunch but not for fuel. Kentucky is beautiful and I hope to see more of it than just what I see from I-75 one of these days. We arrived at Whispering Hills RV park at 1507. It is well maintained but still pretty much a gravel parking lot with utilities.  They do have a nice pool.

b Sao in Campsite, Georgetown, Kentucky
Sao in Campsite, Georgetown, Kentucky
b View Forward

View Forward

My Sister Barbara reminded me that I have not posted a picture of the new car so here it is on the Tow Dolly.

b New Car on Tow Dolly

b New Car on Tow Dolly Front

Daughter Kathy sent some pictures she took when she visited.  It is Cam with a chocolate frosting face.

b Cam and Chocolate Frosting

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