Half the Exterior Walls Are Done

We worked in the motorhome all morning. Then I put Andy in a really good mood by serving him spaghetti for lunch. The weather was dramatic for the third day in a row.  Huge billowing clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and lightning flashed.  Today was different from the past two; we actually got rain today.

We met some neighbors yesterday who told us that it is common for the work to continue on the weekends.  So, when the rain eased up after lunch, we headed over to have a look. Indeed, they had been working this morning.  The exterior walls on the right side of the house were complete.

We finally figured out what those shiny steel beams are for: lintels!

Here is a look at the finished side, from the outside. That power line tower looks so prominent from this angle.  From the house, I didn’t even notice it.

We got some sand stuck on our shoes and found puddles to clean them off a bit.  Andy said he was doing a rain dance.



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