No Work on Sunday

It is time to get a new vacuum cleaner to replace the one I drowned.  The entrance steps and carpet are getting pretty scuzzy. And, since we were going out anyway, we decided to go by the house.  We were not expecting them to have worked today, but I don’t want to miss a day of pictures if for no other reason than to show that nothing changed. Everything looks the same as it did yesterday, without the rain.

Five Sandhill Cranes were roaming about on the golf course.  We stood and watched them for a bit and then, one of them let out a huge warning squawk.  They all flew away but they didn’t go far.

I had a blonde moment today.  I wrote down the name and model number of the hand-held vacuum I wanted to get.  When we got to Target, they didn’t have it.  We tried Home Depot and then another Target.  When we got back home I checked the Consumer’s Report article.  I had written the model down incorrectly.  We had seen it in the store and rejected it.  Andy said we are going back tomorrow to get it.  Oh, duh!


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