We have had rain every day for as long as I can remember so I was not surprised that rain was in the forecast. It did not start until about lunch time. The new truck in front of the house said insulation on the side.

I walked across the field a bit to get a look at the side of the house. I could see progress but not the roofer lady.

Inside was one of the strangest house construction sights I had ever seen. It looked like pizza boxes stuck up all around the walls.  And, great blobs on insulation were crammed into spaces at the ceiling.

This man was using a pole to shove them up there.

I asked what the pizza boxes were for (actually, I think they were something slightly tougher than pizza boxes). He said they were to keep the blown-in insulation in the ceiling from blowing down into the kitchen.  It took me a minute or two to comprehend that.  Then it sunk in.

The other fellow stood on the kitchen counter to don his stilts.

There were sections on insulation leaning against the dining room window.  I asked my scale model Andy to stand next to it to show how thick the R38 insulation is.  His funny expression came when I added, “or to show how thick you are”.

The mystery was solved. Stilt man packed the pieces of insulation into the spaces at the top of the wall

Then he made a little fence in the attic space with the pizza boxes. The reason is that the ceiling in the family room/kitchen is higher than the ceilings in the adjoining bedrooms.  The pizza fence is to keep the blown-in insulation from falling off the family room/kitchen to the lower bedroom ceiling level and to keep the bedroom insulation from falling into the kitchen.

I think we need to get a pizza soon.  The only wall that has insulation is between the house and the garage. I couldn’t figure out why there were two colors until I noticed that the yellow is in the wider spaces and the pink is in the narrower ones.

The lady roofer had worked her way all around the back of the house.  We said hello and I asked where she is from.  Poland.  Her husband is from the Czech Republic.

We noticed a leak just inside the front door during a late afternoon shower.  A steady drip had created a puddle in the foyer.  It was disappointing since the roofing shingles are completed in that section. I’ll mention it tomorrow.

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