Disney, Monsoon Rains, and Drywall

The roofers were nearly finished when we arrived at the house this morning.  Andy called up to the woman about the leak in the foyer.  The man said not to worry; they were not finished yet.  She came down the ladder to look where we were concerned because the roof had been finished in that area. She seemed puzzled.

We left for Disney World to visit with the grandchildren on their last day. We did not visit any of the theme parks as this was the day they were flying home.  They were still packing their bags when we got there so Andy and I lounged around the large Saratoga Springs swimming pool until they were ready.  We caught the boat to Downtown Disney and decided to walk around until some place wooed us in for lunch.  Andy was the first to call it; he wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe. After lunch we wandered around a bit, making a stop in the Ghiradelli chocolate store for a free sample.  The children all had something in mind they needed to buy as a souvenir. Then we took the boat back to Saratoga Springs and the front desk to pick up their luggage and get on the Disney bus to the airport. Andy and I drove back to the house.  It rained so hard on the Florida Turnpike that the normally 80 mile-per-hour traffic slowed down to 40. And, it was still difficult to see the car in front of us (he didn’t have his lights on).

We thought we were out of the monsoon, but it caught up with us when we parked in front of the house.  The wind was blowing hard and the rain was blowing almost the whole depth of the garage. Something new!  There was a stack of joint compound and drywall in the garage.  Good thing it was covered with plastic.

The wind was so strong that we had to take our umbrellas into the house rather than leave them in the garage as we normally do. There was another stack of drywall in the dining room.

An enormous stack was in the family room.

Yet another stack was in the bedroom.

On the drive home, Andy hoped it would be raining at the house so he could check the leak.  He got his wish.  It was the proverbial torrential downpour.  There were a few wet spots, but we thought they were under roof vents.  The roofers had left materials on the roof, so they were not done yet. It was actually raining in the family room.  Andy looked up to see that it was coming through a hole left for an attic vent.  There are four and it was raining in them all.

The wind blowing into the garage was so strong that it blew the insulation out of the wall.

The enormous stack of drywall in the family room was getting rained on too.

It was much heavier than it appears in this photo.


It is a good thing they had all the stacks covered with plastic and raised up off the floor.

Andy was inspecting the erosion of the newly dumped dirt behind the house.  A good bit of it has run down hill.  They are planning to put a retaining wall back there and the slope the ground behind that.


We’ll see big changes over the next few days.


8 thoughts on “Disney, Monsoon Rains, and Drywall

  1. Susan Sprague August 3, 2017 / 9:08 pm

    I love seeing your reports. The manicured grassy areas with nice trees are gorgeous. We of course don’t get that out here in NM.


    • Dinata Misovec August 3, 2017 / 9:54 pm

      With all the rain we’ve had here this week, everything is very green!! When we spent time out west, I really missed the green-ness of the east.


      • Susan Sprague August 3, 2017 / 11:23 pm

        Of course, green means bugs. Roy got so sensitive to them that we had to move out west.


      • Dinata Misovec August 4, 2017 / 10:09 pm

        Interesting. When I was a kid, I got huge, I mean huge welts from mosquito bites. They don’t bother me so much anymore.


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