P.E.A.R. Park

The weather warmed up as soon as Sister Barbara flew north.  Andy and I decided to take a walk in P.E.A.R.  That stands for Palatlakaha Environmental & Agricultural Reserve.  It is a fifty-acre park adjoining our neighborhood. I’ve taken you there before.  This time we drove in a different entrance and parked by the garden plots.

We struck off toward our neighborhood on the far side of the Palatlakaha River and the tree line. It felt so good to get outside in warmth and sunshine after that week of nasty weather. This walk reminded us of some of the prairie walks we have taken in Wisconsin.

We discovered another pavilion.  It has a circular walkway around it with spoke-boardwalks radiating out from it.  There are butterfly gardens between the boardwalks.

The underside of the pavilion has a delightful passion-flower vine sculpture on it.

We explored the area around the pavilion and then continued on the trail we had started.  This pavilion was at an intersection of several trails.

This magnificent live oak is close to the river.

We then walked to the riverbank where we could see the construction equipment in our development, clearing land for more houses.  It really is hard to call this tiny bit of water a river.  I can barely think of it as a creek. It is still lovely to walk along it though.

This pavilion is an overlook for a marshy pond. The grass on top also reminds me of Wisconsin and the prairie.

Here is the view out the other side.  We only saw two small ducks in the distance. This view is very similar to much of the countryside around here.  There are ponds and lakes everywhere.

2 thoughts on “P.E.A.R. Park

  1. Cas Olverson January 10, 2018 / 11:10 am

    It’s been horrid cold up here. Even jacket & hat weather would be better!


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