July 22, 2018 – Korean Steamed Buns

George took a picture of himself and his co-worker in the airport limo on the way home from O’Hare.

They did not come home in the grand style in which they left for China.  This was a regular airport limo.  Cam was out the door to greet his Papa as soon as they pulled into the driveway.

Jennifer and I were busy making Korean steamed buns.  This, in the foreground, is the pot of beans that we were turning into bean paste for the center of the buns. I spent a lot of time smooshing them with the back of the spoon.

The dough was exceptionally springy.  Every time I would press it out into a circle, it would spring back into a smaller circle.

Jennifer was actually the chef, I was the sous chef.  But, she kept stopping to take pictures of me working. I placed a heaping tablespoon of bean paste on each circle. I needed two spoons because the beans were very sticky – and sweet.

After we pinched them into a bun shape, Jennifer placed them in the steamer basket

and placed the basket in the huge pot.

I remembered how much I love the bean-paste buns at our Asian buffet in Leesburg and suggested adding some sesame seeds.  We were not very good at it though.

The buns did not look much different after steaming than they did before steaming.  They felt “cooked” though when I touched them with my finger. Several disappeared from the plate before I got a chance to photograph them. I see that one had a thin spot with visible beans.

Boy were they ever tasty.

Jennifer and I agreed that the sesame seeds did not add to the enjoyment of these buns.

Six-year-old Owen hit a milestone this week.  He lost his first tooth.  And then, two days later, he lost a second tooth. Both of the adult teeth were well on their way in already. Owen told his Mama that he wanted to keep the teeth in a small container to show Papa when he got home.  He didn’t think he really believed in the tooth fairy.

One night I was reading bedtime stories with the boys.  I told Owen I had heard that he did not believe in the tooth fairy.  He didn’t think so.  I asked him if he believed in the Tooth Baba.  Well, he had never heard of a Tooth Baba. I looked in my phone pocket, pulled out a five-dollar bill, and handed it to him.

His eyes widened and he ran for his wallet to add the money to his savings. When he sat back down next to me I asked if he believed in the Tooth Baba.

“Oh yes!!”

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