August 16, 2018 – Clovis to Joshua Tree National Park, California

I was still in bed when Gus left for work and took five-year-old Sierra to school.  We spent the rest of the morning with Erin and three-year-old Eve.

It was dark when we drove into the foothills of the Sierras last night so I took a look around. We spent the night at the side of the house.

The children’s playset was our view out the back of the RV.

I walked out the drive a bit to get the house and the camper together.

We have not seen Erin since a wedding some years ago.  I surprised her with my camera here.

This is adorable three-year-old Eve.

Andy was anxious to get to Joshua Tree National Park, so we left just before Erin went to work (as a fitness trainer) and Eve went to daycare. We took I-5 to Bakersfield and then US 395 to Barstow. Then, from Barstow we took highways 247 and 62 to Twentynine Palms just outside the national park. It was dark when we arrived.



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