August 24, 2018 – Tucumcari, NM to Sallisaw, Oklahoma

This was a driving day.  On the interstate.  All day. At 75 miles per hour.

We pulled out of the RV park at 0703 Pacific time and 535 miles later pulled into the RV park in Sallisaw, Oklahoma at 1658. That’s about ten hours on the road.

Andy had some sort of culinary disaster in the galley this morning and didn’t have any breakfast.  So we were not long on the road when he started looking for a place to stop and eat. We ended up in a doughnut shop and both ate one of those big chocolate-covered custard-filled doughnut confections.  I love those things yet regretted eating it as soon as I was done. Sugar bomb in my belly. I did not recover until lunch when I diluted that sugar with a veggie sub.

Just east of Tucumcari, we began to see a few agricultural fields.  We crossed into the top tip of Texas and began to see deciduous trees. Texas also has the largest field of wind mills we have ever seen. I think it went on for forty to fifty miles on Interstate 40. There were still wide panoramas to enjoy. We started seeing forests of trees and green grazing pastures when we crossed into Oklahoma. Every state is beautiful!


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