August 25, 2018 – Sallisaw, OK to Loretta Lynn Ranch, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

We were up and rolling at 0646 (I’m still on Pacific time) and went for breakfast at Braum’s.  We’ve seen them the past few days, but this is the first time we stopped.  Andy spotted the breakfast sign.  It is a combination ice cream shop, fast food (burgers), and a fresh market selling bread, milk, fruits, and veggies, etc.

We seldom do much spontaneously, however, it was too early to stop at Andy’s planned stop. Andy looked in the RV park book and found Loretta Lynn Ranch.  We decided to make that a destination and arrived at 1605 Pacific.  I’ll change my watch when we get to Eastern time. We’ll stay here two nights as it is a destination in itself.

There is not much to report about the scenery from I-40.  In Arkansas and Tennessee it is mostly lined with trees hiding whatever might be behind them.

Andy started working on his trip record as soon as we were settled in.

I went out to take a few pictures of our surroundings. Here is Scamp in our site.

This patio is just behind us.  There is a musician playing and singing out there as I write my log.  I have opened the door a few times and decided not to walk over for a better listen.

A flock of geese flew over in a nice vee.

This is the toilet/shower/laundry building.

Here is the general store.

Here is Scamp in our site again, from a different perspective.

Tomorrow we are going to take a tour.

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