May 29, 2019 – Pouring Cement Slab

This is one of the most exciting days with so much activity and a large crew. The cement pumper truck added to it. The pumper truck was sitting outside at about six a.m. when we headed out for our walk. When we got back, half an hour later, things were in full swing. The long arm of the hose was poised over the house.

Two cement trucks were behind the pumper, pouring cement into a hopper.

Here is a closer, if not clearer, look at the cement sliding into the pumper hopper.

This is “Hard Hat/Sun Hat”, who also worked on our house. I marveled at the styrofoam insulation brim he had added to his hard hat and took several pictures of him. Since then, whenever we see him working on another house, I honk the car horn and we wave to him. Andy calls him my boyfriend. We have never spoken to each other except to say hello or hola.

Here, he was poised and waiting for the cement to pour out.

The cement began to come out of the hose.

The large man to the left was the pumper-truck man. He was controlling where the hose when with two joysticks strapped to his body. I suppose he was also turning the cement flow on and off during the process.

The sun was just rising.

His name is Jim and he was extremely chatty, for a person concentrating on pouring cement through a gigantic hose.

I like the way his control panel is wearable.

The first step was to pour around the perimeter of the house to form the foundation/footer. Then they poured the interior.

The young, buff, handsome man in the red hardhat was aiming the hose.

These two, ankle deep in cement, were spreading and smoothing as he poured.

My boyfriend had what looked like the back-breaking job of smoothing the cement with a long board.

The handsome dude noticed me taking a picture of him and gave me a half smile. I didn’t get that picture.

The sun popped up over the neighboring house, but this is the only picture I have of the man smoothing the cement again with a super-long-handled spreader.

When they finished the house interior, they poured the patio in back.

When the job was done, the pumper truck man folded up his boom hose.

Then he demonstrated to us how he cleans his hose. Yes, it is a child’s toy ball wrapped in a plastic shopping bag. The suction from the truck sucked the ball through the hose, cleaning out the residual cement as it went.

All poured. Two little tractors came rearranged the dirt around the outside of the house.

Two hours later, after the cement had had time to set up a bit, this man ran his machine over the surface. I looked like a big fan, with blades swirling around.

It was all very hard work on a hot day. I hope they are paid well for their labor.

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