May 30, 2019 – Scoring Cement

A pile of nice white sand had been dumped in front of the neighboring house when I came out the front door this morning. I knew that meant they were getting ready to build the concrete block walls. That did not happen today.

Later, I heard some noise and went outside to investigate. This man was scoring the cement slab with a huge circular saw. He used a two-by-four board to keep his line straight.

The saw was huge!! My picture does not show just how big it is. Sorry for the pipes sticking up in front of it. The man did not place the saw for me to take its portrait.

And that brings us to the point in the house construction Andy and I discovered on July 20, 2017. Here is the great cloud photo with Andy standing on his future office in the foreground.

I was thrilled to capture the process to this point.

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