July 23, 2018 – Milwaukee Zoo

A trip to the zoo is always a good idea on a beautiful day.  George was taking two days off work for his “weekend” he missed while traveling. Two weekends, actually. The zoo was not too crowded on a Monday.

When I can’t pick my favorite pictures, I simply include more.

Try as I might, I did not get many good monkey pictures.

Owen displaying his missing teeth.

And cheeseballs.

I did manage to get another excellent photo for my animal butt collection.  This guy would not turn around for anything.

I think this is a bushbaby.

The bats were most interesting. The hallways, where the people were, were dark.  Dozens and dozens of bats were hanging upside down.  I was surprised by how active they were.  They were moving around and changing spots regularly.

We could not keep the pace of the kids.  Andy decided he wanted a hamburger so we found a place.  They were not cooking hamburgers so he got a chicken sandwich. That’s enough to put him in a foul mood.  Several gardeners were busy setting out new plants in the flower bed next to our table. Then a mama pea hen wandered in with two chicks.  She settled down in the garden until a gardener disturbed her.  She got up and left.

Then we got a better look at the chicks that had been hidden by the plants.

We saw a peacock strutting down the sidewalk sometime later.

When Andy was finished with his lunch, we caught up with the family at the playground.

Zookeepers were giving a talk on large insects.  Ick.  I think this one is related to a scorpion.

We always ride the train around the zoo before leaving. I was hanging my camera out behind me, hoping to get pictures of the kids.

I got one of my big kid too.

Andy enjoyed this more than it appears.  I think.

Cam got a ride out to the parking lot.

Milwaukee Tools Company Picnic at the Zoo

Son-in-Love George’s company, Milwaukee Tools, held its picnic at the zoo. It was a good place and there were many small children.  They handed us Milwaukee t-shirts as we entered. There were hundreds of people in bright red t-shirts.  Andy and I had fun saying, “Look at that man in the red t-shirt”.  Here are George, Owen, and then Cam in an ankle-length t-shirt heading to the food tent.

b George, Owen and Cam Heading for Food Tent

Andy and I enjoyed the food.  The barbecue was delicious and I also enjoyed the potato salad and beans.

b Food Tent

Owen and Cam climbed upon and empty picnic table and began dancing to the music . They are most energetic dancers.

b Cam and Owen Dancing on the Picnic Table

When we finished our lunch, we headed out to look at animals. The zoo was crowded and there were red shirts everywhere. I took this picture of the giraffes and Andy pointed out the baby giraffe butt in the background for my animal butt collection.

b Baby Girrafe Butt

Here is a better picture of the baby.

b Baby Giraffe

With the heavy glass wall enclosure, Cam could get within inches of the snow leopard.  He was fascinated.

b Cam and the Snow Leopard

The train ride is always a favorite.  Andy, Jennifer, and Cam sat in one car.

b Cam and Jennifer on Train

George, Owen, and I sat in the car behind them.

b George and Owen Waving Goodbye

The last stop before leaving the zoo  is always the carousel.  I went aboard to take pictures but, not many of them turned out well.

The three Barton boys posed for me before the carousel started.

b Cam, George, Owen on Carousel

Cam chose a horse.

b Cam and George on Carousel

Owen chose a caribou.

b George and Owen on Carousel

Andy slept most of the way home.