August 14, 2018 – Cafe Waterfront, Eureka, CA

I included a picture of this building a few days ago but here it is again to remind you (and me).  One of Cordelia’s schoolmates’ family owns and runs it.  This morning Cordelia recommended we go there for lunch.

It was as charming on the inside as the out. Prepare yourself for a complete photo tour.  It occurs to me tonight that I could have made a video, but that seldom occurs to me during the day.  The bar is behind Andy. It took two pictures to capture the whole thing.

The front windows are large and overlook the bay, somewhat – it is far away.

This back wall separates the dining room from the tiny kitchen.

Here is the back door, next to the kitchen.

Andy ordered a hamburger, as usual.  He has started ordering them without the bun to cut back on bread. The hamburger is under those onions.  It came with some large garlic fries.

I ordered halibut cakes and a salad.

The ladies room has some delightful wall art. I could have made a video there too.

This frog prince was at floor level.

We read this plaque outside near the back door.

We packed up our loose belongings into the RV and are ready to hit the road in the morning.

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